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Bali Hai Wedding Blue DressTonight we were over at the newly remodeled Bali Hai for a great wedding. The new remodel looks great and really updates the look and feel of the location. It makes the room seem twice as large as it used to. The ceremony was held off to the side of the restaurant facing the San Diego bay and the downtown skyline. A few interesting and fun elements to this wedding included: the groom walking into the ceremony to an instrumental version of the song: “The Final Countdown” which got a laugh out of quite a few people, the bride wore a very unique grey-ish blue wedding dress that really stood out from the “norm”, the groom does custom tile and stone work so the groom’s cake had blue waves made out of small square sugar tiles like a mosaic, root beer floats were served for dessert, the couple is really into tandem bicycles so they had their old-school tandem outside on display and I projected a custom image of a tandem bicycle down onto the dance floor, for some unknown reason a group of younger guests changed into disco style clothes during open dancing and surprised everyone on the dance floor with their stylish moves, the bride’s father is a technical genius so he put together a full on photo booth with props and backdrop. Each guest was able to take home printed photo booth style photos from the evening. The uplights around the room added some color to the walls and went well with the bride’s bouquet.

Extras Provided: 8 uplights, custom monogram projection, disco ball


Photographer:  Mark from Unveiled Wedding
For more information about this event click here:  San Diego Wedding DJ

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