Apr 042009

Another amazing group tonight! You know you are at a great place when you pull up to the Grande Colonial in La Jolla and there are two Ferrari’s and a Lamborghini sitting out front. It was a smaller group of about 80 people. The Grande Colonial is an excellent place for this size of group because they have different areas to create interest. Cocktail hour and dinner were held outside on the balcony and patio area. Dancing moved inside later on. The bride and groom were very specific with their music requests. It was probably some of the most unique and unusual music I have ever played at a wedding. I wasn’t too sure how all of this music would play out at the event since many of the artists and songs were most likely unfamiliar to their guests (Sound Tribe Sector 9, Pnuma Trio, Nosaj Thing, etc.). I was pleasantly surprised because it really worked well for their group. Everyone had an open mind and enjoyed it (they didn’t have to hear the ultra cliche’ songs in order to dance which is normally difficult for Americans). Highlights included: refreshing/unique music with an electronic twist, I spotlighted the cake which really made it stand out once the sun went down (see photo above), the water effect lighting added some movement and color to the dance floor area, the bride had on a pair of excellent Christian Louboutin heels that the photographer Cary Pennington kept trying to sneak shots of, the coordinators from Red Letter Days helped keep the evening (and guests) on track! Excellent wedding!

Click here to view the blog post from the coordinators at Red Letter Days.

Floral design: Babs Florals
Decor: Advantage Audio/Video
Hair styling: Salon La Jolla
Bridal salon: M Bride
Gown designer: Ines Di Santo

For more information click here:  San Diego Wedding DJ

Positive Energy Productions


This wedding was also featured on the cover of the 2010 Ceremony Magazine!   Here you can view the cover shot that was used!

Extras Provided: Cake Spotlighting, Water Effect Lighting