Mar 142009

The ceremony was held at the Marston House in Balboa Park. We almost didn’t have any music or microphones for the ceremony because they “forgot” to make sure the electricity would be turned on. Luckily we found one outlet about 500 feet away and had to use an enormous amount of extension cords to reach the distance. It all worked out just a few minutes before start time… We then moved over to Marina Village in the Seaside Room for the reception. Cool group with a decent amount of dancing tonight. A few highlights included: The chocolate cake (looked interesting and a little different from the standard cakes I see at most weddings). They also included a mini cake on each table for guests. The bride and groom wanted to “hide” a few things about the room and the water effect lighting really transformed the ceiling and added some color.

Extras Provided: Water Effect Lighting
Dec 132008

The San Diego Marriott downtown has an amazing Bayside Pavilion ballroom out next to the water that overlooks the bay, marina, and the Coronado bridge. Tonight was a cool company party… no awards, no speeches, no raffle drawing giveaways. They just wanted a great night out to get together and celebrate an excellent year. Plenty of food and drink for all. Company parties are always a little unique because nobody really wants to fully let loose in front of the boss. They had a good time and there was consistent dancing for the three hours of open dancing after the cocktail hour and meal.

Extras Provided: Water Effect Lights
Nov 242008

I was back at The Thursday Club in Point Loma tonight for the ceremony and reception. Perfect weather for a late November wedding. Their theme was all about the beach so the room looked great with the water effect lighting on the ceiling! I also enhanced the square cupcakes with some spotlighting which made them really stand out up on the stage. After dinner I used the projection equipment to show a nice slideshow of the couple throughout the years (guests usually love seeing these as long as they are not too long). We had a pretty strong dancing crowd early on for a Sunday night wedding.
Extras Provided: Cake Spotlight, Water Effect Lights, and Video/Slideshow Projection Equipment

Aug 022008

A princess themed wedding at the Manchester Grand Hyatt downtown. A great location to work at. There were some special touches at this wedding: a very unique cake, glass slippers for the name card holder, glass cake topper, the “all blue” theme, as well as, the 10:00pm snack break when they brought out sliders and blueberry smoothies. The cake was spotlighted and I also added the water effect lights above and around the cake (in a matching blue color) to really make it stand out. Group dynamics were way off tonight due to a few factors behind the scenes that I was not aware of in advance. I think it also had a lot to do with the fact that the ballroom they were in could hold 400 people and they only had around 140 people. The dance floor was also the size of a football field and could have easily fit 200 people out there. Sort of an awkward feeling…
Extras Provided: Water Effect Lights