May 112010

USS Midway PartyUSS Midway Annual Docents Event was held at the Admiral Kidd Club tonight. With over 300 guests it a larger event. There were about 10-12 veterans that served in World War II with us this evening along with hundreds of other veterans that donate their time to help educate the public who visit the ship. This is the fifth year I have worked this event and every year it gets more and more enjoyable. The average age of this group is around 75 so it is a group that knows their music! It is always a refreshing change of pace from the wild weddings I do each week. I have to dig deep into the big-band and oldies to keep them moving for four hours. Guests come up to me every year and ask “How did you learn about all these songs”? It is always nice when they are surprised that I am familiar with “their music” as they call it.

The USS Midway will have it’s  5,000,000th  visitor tomorrow on 5/12/10. That is a pretty great accomplishment for only being open 6 years.

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USS Midway Party 2 USS Midway Party Admiral Kidd Club USS Midway Party DJ Admiral Kidd Club

Mar 272010

Arterra San Diego Party DJTonight I was able to DJ a private party celebrating a 44th birthday at Arterra Outdoor Lounge at the Marriott Del Mar. It was a smaller group but they fully enjoyed themselves, ate some great food, and danced to familiar tunes. I was able to play a large variety of music for them since he was a “young” 44!

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Dec 162009

I am just going to highlight a few company holiday parties this December. Tonight I was over at Barona Casino for a 200 person company party. The location is a bit of a drive for most people but I think it is a great spot for a corporate event because they have the hotel right there, the casino is available, and the event space is pretty much brand new. This offers guests lots of options to keep them interested. I am used to the “standard” prizes for most of the company raffle drawings such as the LCD TV’s, iPods, etc. This company party had one of the coolest raffle prizes I’ve seen in a while (and it wasn’t the 50″ LCD TV). They were giving away a sleek Tag Heuer watch! They also hired a female comedian for a 30 minute act and she did a really great job keeping everyone laughing. We then kicked into dancing. Tonight’s group had a good time even though I lost a fair number of guests that wanted to go out into the the casino (which is typical with any casino). Overall a fun way to close out the 2009 season!

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Oct 152009

Tonight was a VIP only event at Arterra outdoor lounge at the Marriott Del Mar. I provided a “lighting only” job to enhance the space. All of the Marriott Hotels got together to throw an “end of the summer party” for the upper management, as well as, each hotels biggest clients. Arterra outdoor lounge is one of my favorite outdoor locations. Modern, clean, unlimited possibilities (not to mention some of the highest rated food in San Diego). I provided uplighting for all of the palm trees, rippling water effect lighting on the building, white “starry lights all over the space, along with 2 custom gobo projections with the “Arterra” logo on the wood lounge area and the “Marriott” logo down into the pool. It was a complete hit with the VIP guests. Throughout the night I noticed people pointing to certain lighting elements and talking about the atmosphere. I joined in on a few conversations and think I might have another lighting job or two from this event. If you are looking to host an event at an amazing outdoor venue call and ask for Stephanie. You will be well taken care of…

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Jun 202009

This morning I was over at the Oceanview Club on the Point Loma Submarine Base for a 50th Anniversary Party. They planned to have the renewal of vows ceremony outside on the grass but it was raining in San Diego!?! We moved inside and guests enjoyed the morning. A little food, a piece of cake, and a bit of dancing made for an enjoyable morning event to honor this couple.

Mar 072009

Another surprise 50th birthday party. It is funny because I do about 95% weddings and I have now done two 50th birthday parties in two weeks. This event was a referral from a wedding I took care of a few weeks ago. He owns a few buildings and a company so we were able to use his building space for the party. There was a tent outside and catered food for all. Mellow good time with family and friends.

Mar 012009

Tonight was a surprise 50th birthday party held at St. James Hall in La Jolla for the catering manager of the Hyatt Grand Manchester. It was a Jimmy Buffet themed party with a little bit of dancing, a little bit of mingling, and a little bit of food/drink. Everyone had a good time and our birthday girl had no idea that her boyfriend planned all of this.

Dec 202008

My last event for 2008 was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I don’t really know what to say about this event. I was given a specific playlist that the group would supposedly love (swing music and some oldies) and asked not to take/play any requests. I am all about making sure my clients are happy and do not mind following an exact playlist when it works but it is painful when it flops. Well… lets just say it was one of the most embarrassing evenings I have ever had! 170 guests (out of about 176 guests) actually left the party within 15-30 minutes after we started dancing!!! A few people were making fun of the music from their seats and a few other guests came up to me and asked me if I could play any “real music”. What can I say? I might have just assumed that it was not a dancing crowd if I didn’t know better but I have done this company party for over 5 years. It has never been a “wild group” and usually a good amount of people leave after dinner but they have NEVER left this fast! I can remember last year was actually a really good time and a good portion of the guests danced/enjoyed the evening until the very end. Anyways… I really take pride in what I do so it is difficult, as well as, really embarrassing when people are almost running for the door and my hands are pretty much tied behind my back unable to do anything about it. All I can say is that I hope the people in charge of the party had a good time and hopefully it was a learning experience for next year.

Dec 202008

It always feels like the holidays when I DJ an event at the Rancho Bernardo Inn during December. I was in the Santa Catalina Ballroom which is the smallest ballroom they have for events. I have done this company party for two years now. The group is extremely small with around 30 people. It was a six hour event and they pretty much danced the entire time! Many people would think that a smaller group would be easier but they are actually much more difficult because there are less people to get things really going to create a party atmosphere. This group doesn’t really have a problem with that. Looking forward to doing their party again next year…

Dec 142008

Tonight’s company party was at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley. It was a slightly older group that was fairly conservative. There was a 30 minute presentation with a video slideshow and then a raffle drawing. No prizes were given out just envelopes with different amounts of cash in them… something everyone can use. A portion of the group did not dance (only to slow songs) but there was a large group that stayed until the very last song and had a great time!