Feb 102010

Kris & DJ Kool in Vegas

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2010 National DJ Conference in Las Vegas again this year. It is a week of seminars and training on how to constantly keep improving what we do as DJ’s, master of ceremonies, entertainers, and businessmen. This year’s seminars seemed to lack the depth or unique content as compared to years past. No matter what it is always inspiring and motivating regardless of how great (or bad) the seminars are. I will admit there are all sorts of DJ’s attending from around the country… many of them I would never want to hire if I was a client. I don’t know where they crawl out from but I will leave it at that :)  I picked up a few key items at the seminars, bought some new equipment, and attended some parties they hosted. We had Coolio, the Sugar Hill Gang, and DJ Kool (“Let Me Clear My Throat!”) all perform at the parties. DJ Kool was a really down to earth guy and was fun to watch DJ a set of classic hip-hop to close out one of the parties. It was also a great chance for many of the San Diego DJ’s to get together as friends and have some fun away from work.

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