Jun 122010

Marriott Del Mar Wedding CakeA very cool space and a very cool crowd. We kicked things off with some downtempo music for cocktail hour while guests lounged around the patio area. I introduced the new couple and they went directly into their first dance. It was a party right from the start! Guests pretty much jumped on the dance floor right after their dance at 7:30pm and never left until the end at 11pm. Fire pits kept guests warm and “dinner” consisted of heavy appetizers and sushi which went well with the lounge style atmosphere. I projected the couples names and wedding date onto the wood structure above the sofas to add a personal touch to the space. I truly enjoyed working for this group. They ate up every song and just kept on dancing!

Extras Provided: Custom Monogram Gobo Projection

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Marriott Del Mar Wedding Arterra Wedding at Marriott Del Mar Arterra Wedding at Marriott Del Mar Gobo

Arterra Wedding DJ Marriott Del Mar Wedding DJ San Diego Wedding DJ

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