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1. A full time San Diego wedding DJ, corporate DJ, and professional MC, Kris is the owner of Positive Energy Productions. He takes great pride in doing an excellent job for each and every client. You work personally with him, the owner, from your first meeting all the way through to your last dance. He has professionally DJ'd over 1000 weddings during the past 19 years. It is his job to create your perfect wedding or event...

2. He understands how important this event is to you and will make every effort to guarantee you get exactly what you are looking for. He is NOT that cliché DJ who will perform a ton of corny "interactive" events, crack jokes on the microphone, or do anything that would embarrass you or any of your guests. He focuses on playing great music selections as your DJ, taking care of all your announcements and events as your MC or Master Of Ceremonies, as well as, keeping your celebration on schedule through experienced coordination. He will do his absolute best to take care of everything start to finish - no questions asked.

3. He does much more than just play the music or make a few announcements. During your meeting he will help to explain the many extra things he will do to make sure everything is well taken care of. This will allow you to enjoy the event and not get caught up in any of the details.

4. This is his full time career but music & the art of the DJ have been a personal passion of his for many years. He was introduced to DJ's through electronic music back in 1990 and started to DJ in 1991. During college he helped promote some major San Diego clubs, raves, festivals, and events throughout the 1990's. He was inspired by many of the world famous DJ's he spoke with backstage. He graduated with a degree in biology but decided to start Positive Energy Productions in 1996 and he has never looked back. He truly loves what he does. His entire life revolves around music.

5. He actually beat-mixes the music. Songs are mixed seamlessly between one to the next. This is an excellent way to keep people dancing because there are no awkward jumbled transitions or small pauses of silence between songs. Your guests will not realize when one song ends and another song begins. The rhythm continues... This is similar to what you would hear going out to a club or occasionally on the radio. The large majority of "Wedding DJ's" do not beat-mix unless it is done by their computer software. He recommends asking to hear a sample or listen live to experience the difference.

He would be happy to answer any questions you have, talk on the phone, or set up a meeting to go over all of the important information about your exciting event. Please let him know what he can do to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for and he will go out of his way to make sure it happens!