Jan 162013

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0032featured-badge-01L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0021Style Unveiled has just featured another Positive Energy Productions San Diego wedding.

Lots of details and photos…

Click the link to view the feature:  Style Unveiled Positive Energy Wedding

 Here are a few photos courtesy of La Vida Creations from that wedding:

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0030 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0009 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0015

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0033 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0005 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0023 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0028

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0010 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0020 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0025 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0026

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0002 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0016 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0012

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0019 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0013 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0003 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0007

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0027 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0022 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0031

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0034 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0035 L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding DJ_0018

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Jul 072012

Rancho Bernardo Inn NFL Raiders CakeI had the honor of providing San Diego wedding DJ & wedding lighting services for an NFL Raiders wedding at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. In addition to my wedding DJ services they also flew in The Tyrone Smith Revue which is a 10-piece party band from Nashville. This is the band that played at the reception for the President’s daughter Jenna Bush’s marriage to Henry Hager. I had been looking forward to this wedding for months and knew it was going to be a great wedding!

The wedding ceremony started off outside overlooking the golf course. The flower design for the ceremony looked amazing as it transitioned from white to light pink and then faded into a vibrant fuchsia. Once the ceremony was over guests were guided to the outdoor patio terrace for cocktail hour.

Rancho Bernardo Inn Raiders Ceremony NFL Raiders groom & groomsmen San Diego Wedding Escort Cards

Once inside the ballroom guests were treated to a custom seamless dance floor surrounded by lounge furniture. Positive Energy Productions provided all of the lighting for this San Diego wedding which included fuchsia uplighting throughout the room. This really added some color and tied all of the elements together. We also lit up the dance floor with a few spotlights to really make their design stand out once we dimmed the lights down.

Rancho Bernardo Inn Raiders Wedding Lighting

San Diego Wedding Lighting San Diego Wedding Upighting San Diego Wedding Custom Dance Floor

There were a variety of wedding floral centerpieces on each table which added some interest instead of the same arrangement on every table.

San Diego Wedding Fushia Uplighting IMG_0005 San Diego Wedding Centerpieces

As their San Diego wedding DJ I took care of all of the MC duties for the evening including the introductions, first dance, father / daughter dance, mother / son dance, as well as, all of the other events. The band played through dinner and took a few breaks now & then. I was able to fill in these gaps with music and take care of some of the events during these breaks. The band ended at 10pm and we were able to switch gears into the DJ portion of the evening. The dance floor was packed all night. We ended up going an hour overtime because they were having such a great time.

San Diego Wedding Entertainment San Diego Wedding DJ San Diego Wedding DJs

The cake spotlighting (in the photo below) really stood out tonight and added tons of drama to the wedding cake. It also allowed the wedding photographers to capture some really interesting silhouettes of the couple (see the photo at the top). After the wedding I took a quick photo with the bride & groom while we were waiting for everyone to line up for their sparkler exit. One we were ready we sent them outside and they made their getaway.

San Diego Wedding Cake Spotlighting San Diego Wedding DJ with NFL Raiders couple San Diego Wedding Sparkler Exit

Well they didn’t exactly head back to their room. This ended a little differently than most weddings because after their sparkler exit they ran right over to the pool and jumped in! The entire wedding party all got inspired and jumped in as well! Made for a great time, excellent photos until security came out to shut it down. I have been wondering what security would have done against 10-12 NFL Raiders players…

NFL Raiders Wedding Jump In Pool NFL Raiders Wedding Kiss IMG_0010_1

Bridesmaids in the jacuzziSan Diego Wedding and Event Lighting Provided: 

+ 12 Uplights

+ Cake Spotlighting

+ Dance Floor Spotlighting


San Diego Wedding DJ & Vendors:

Coordinator + San Diego Weddings by Gina

Band + Tyrone Smith Revue

DJ + Positive Energy Productions

Photographers + Corey Conroy Photography

Videographer + Joe Park Wedding Cinematography

Florist + Nancy Stevens Wedding Flowers

Lighting + Positive Energy Productions

Lounge Furniture, Chairs, & Dancefloor + Concepts Event Design

Cake + Shirley Resnick, The Cake Lady

Groom’s Cake + Twiggs Bakery

Photo Booth + Lovely Photo Booth

Ceremony Strings + Caprice Strings

Transportation + Simply Elegant Limo

Cigar Rolling + Cuban Cigar Factory

Ice Sculpture + Soc Cal Ice

For more information about this event or to hire us as your San Diego wedding DJ or San Diego wedding and event lighting company please click here:   Positive Energy Productions  |  858.490.0445

Jun 162012

San Diego Wedding Cake Pinspotting & UplightingRancho Santa Fe wedding DJ highlights and photos from a wedding on 6/16/12 at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club near San Diego, CA. The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is a members only golf club with a very nice clubhouse overlooking the golf course.

Guests were greeted at the entryway and were invited out to the patio for cocktail hour. Our couple hired a quartet to play throughout the cocktail hour and dinner.

One unique element to this wedding was the art on display. These paintings were hand painted by a few of the bride & groom’s family members and friends.

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Cocktail Hour Rancho Santa Fe Paintings

After the cocktail hour guests were then invited into the main dining room. The wooden beams, chandeliers, and fireplaces give this space a warm and intimate feeling. It felt more like you were dining in someones really large home rather than your typical ballroom.

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Wedding Entryway Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Wedding Venue Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Centerpieces

In the photo below you can notice that each person’s name place card was also hand painted with different flowers. This gave a nice personal touch to each table. We kicked things off with the couple’s entrance into the room. They immediately went onto the dance floor for their first dance. The quartet played the first half of the dance and then they had me mix in a fast song to end the dance in a fun way.

Rancho Santa Fe Unique Wedding Idea Rancho Santa Fe Wedding First Dance Practice Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Quartet

Our couple hired me as their Rancho Santa Fe wedding DJ and they also had me provide a little lighting for the cake which was placed in a side room. I washed the walls with some warm coral colored uplighting and then spotlighted the cake to really make it stand out! They also had two other cakes. One was a favorite flavor and the other was a football themed groom’s cake.

San Diego Wedding Cake Spotlighting Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Groom's Cake Wedding Flip Flops

Tamara and her staff were always aware of guests needs, the service was excellent, and meal was great. The bride planned a fun surprise for the groom during dinner. She had a friend play the ukulele while she sang to him at their sweetheart table “Grow Old With You” from Adam Sandler in the movie Wedding Singer. Everyone loved it! After dinner and a slide show guests literally were allowed to kick off their shoes, trade them in for dancing flip flops, and celebrate with our newly married couple. They were itching to get out there and have a good time.

Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Dancing Rancho Santa Fe Reception DJ Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Music

The dance floor was pretty much packed for the rest of the night. It was a really great crowd and a fun group. Guests lined up at the end, bubbles were passed out, and they sent them off with a huge congratulations!

Rancho Santa Fe Wedding DJ Rancho Santa Fe Wedding DJs Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Entertainment

Rancho Santa Fe Wedding DJ, Lighting, & Extras Provided:  Cake Spotlighting and Uplighting


Bride & Groom Entrance Song:  Chariots Of Fire –  Vangelis

First Dance Song:  Quartet Played (1st half), Spin Me Round – Dead Or Alive (2nd half)

Father & Daughter Dance Song:  Dream Along With Me – Perry Como

Mother & Son Dance Song:  Dream Along With Me – Perry Como

Cake Cutting Song:  Sweetest Thing – U2


For more information about this event or to hire us as your Rancho Santa Fe wedding DJ click here:   Positive Energy Productions  |  858.490.0445

May 122012

Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Lighting

Tonight’s couple hired me as their Hotel Del Coronado wedding DJ to provide music, MC, and lighting services for their reception in the Crown Room. It was nice to see some formality to the wedding tonight with an all black tie affair so 90% of the men were in tuxedo. That alone creates such an enhanced atmosphere before you add in all the flowers, linens, lighting, etc. I am sure the women love it!

Our couple is from New York tonight and they wanted to provide an excellent wedding reception for many of their guests traveling from the east coast. It doesn’t get much better than Coronado!


Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Name Cards Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Centerpieces Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Sweetheart Table They wanted a soft and warm atmosphere for the wedding reception and choose soft pinks, whites, and amber as their main colors. They hired me as their Hotel Del Coronado wedding DJ but were also interested in some lighting options that could work with this subtle theme for their upscale wedding. Positive Energy Productions provided the cake spotlighting which really enhanced the photos and made it stand out at a distance. We also provided a few amber uplights around the room just to add a bit of warmth to the large space. They didn’t want the uplighting to stand out and make a statement but rather just enhance the room itself.

Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Cake Spotlighting Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Cake Spotlighting At Distance Hotel Del Coronado Crown Room Wedding Reception Hotel Del Coronado Wedding DJ Hotel Del Coronado Crown Room Wedding First Dance Hotel Del Coronado Crown Room Wedding Entertainment Once dinner was over we invited everyone out to dance. They were ready… There was a large variety of music played tonight but the highlight was a special NY vs. CA mix I put together. They expressed a desire to have 15-20 minutes of New York vs. California songs so I ran with it.  I mixed in everything from Sinatra’s New York, New York to 2Pac’s California Love, Jay Z’s Empire State Of Mind to Beach Boys California Girls. Of course I had to throw a little Notorious B.I.G. in there. All in all it was a great group to work with. Hotel Del Coronado DJ Hotel Del Coronado Crown Room Wedding DJs Hotel Del Coronado Crown Room Wedding DJ Here’s a few of the professional photos from the wedding:

0524 0015 0143 LOW_0004 LOW_0001  LOW_0002  LOW_0003 LOW_0005 LOW_0006 LOW_0007 LOW_0008

Hotel Del Coronado Wedding and Event Lighting Provided:  + 16 Uplights + Cake Spotlighting

Hotel Del Coronado Wedding DJ & Vendors:
Coordinator + I Do… Weddings
DJ + Positive Energy Productions
Photographers + Aquario Studio
Videographer + Roldan Productions
Florist + Suzan M. Florals
Lighting + Positive Energy Productions
Cake + Sweet Cheeks Bakery
Transportation + Elite Image Transportation

For more information about this event or to hire us as your Hotel Del Coronado wedding DJ or San Diego wedding and event lighting company please click here:   Positive Energy Productions  |  858.490.0445

Sep 242011

Scripps Forum Wedding Cake Spotlighting Our couple tonight hired me as their San Diego wedding DJ at the Scripps Seaside Forum which is an amazing wedding venue located in La Jolla right on the water.

We started off with the ceremony outside on the grass at an angle facing the palm trees and beach. Once the wedding ceremony was done guests moved over to the patio and lawn area for cocktail hour. The bar was open… The couples specialty cocktail was named after a play on their last name (Whelan) called the “Peach Whelinni”.

A nice assortment of tray passed appetizers were served that included: Seared Beef- with sweet potatoes and pomegranate reduction, Seared Ahi on Wonton, Brie Pops, Grilled Vegetable Kabobs, and Chicken Picatta Puffs.

Scripps Forum Wedding Ceremony Scripps Forum Wedding Cocktail Hour Scripps Forum Wedding Chandelier

The draped patio space with a center hanging chandelier along with the all white leather bar looked great. The guest’s name cards were displayed in a playful way tucked inside of flowers that almost looked like some sort of dessert.

Scripps Forum Wedding White Leather Bar Scripps Forum Wedding Name Cards Scripps Forum Wedding Place Setting

After cocktail hour the doors were opened to the reception space. The tables really stood out with the rich blue linens and the bright contracting orange floral centerpieces that were lit from below. You can also see in the photo below that the back of the Scripps Forum was draped with flowing white fabric and the room was completed with a custom seamless white dance floor.

Scripps Forum San Diego Wedding Centerpieces Scripps Forum La Jolla Wedding Lighting Scripps Forum Wedding Reception

Tonight they hired me as their San Diego wedding DJ but they knew that they were interested in my San Diego wedding lighting services as well. The Scripps Forum is one of my favorite places to provide lighting for. I have done so many different things in this space and each wedding has had a totally different look and feel. I used the orange uplighting inside and outside to add lots of warmth and color. Spotlighting the cake also allowed us to really turn down the lights for an intimate atmosphere but still allowed the cake to stand out at a distance.

Scripps Forum Wedding Uplighting & Cake Spotlighting Scripps Forum Wedding Seamless White Circle Dance Floor Scripps Forum La Jolla Wedding Venue

After dinner we kicked into dance music. We got everyone up and they really kept the party going. Lets just say that the flawless circular white dance floor got a little scuffed up by the end of the evening.

Scripps Forum Wedding DJs Scripps Forum San Diego Wedding DJ Scripps Forum San Diego Wedding DJs

Two last unique wedding ideas or items that made this wedding fun were the engagement photo puzzle that guests were constantly working on throughout the event and the late night snack complete with Sprinkles Cupcakes and cold milk.

Scripps Forum La Jolla Wedding DJ Scripps Forum Wedding Puzzle Scripps Forum San Diego Wedding Favors

San Diego Wedding Lighting & Extras Provided:  Cake Spotlighting and 16 Uplights


Wedding Party Introductions Song:  Crazy in Love – Beyonce

First Dance Song:  Chances Are – Johnny Mathis

Father & Daughter Dance Song:  Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

Mother & Son Dance Song:  Because You Loved Me – Johnny Mathis

Cake Cutting Song:  Sugar Sugar – The Archies



Coordinator = Liz Beck Events

Catering & Linens = Culinary Concepts

Florist = Jennifer Cole Florals

Photographer = Tim Otto

Cake = Sweet Cheeks Bakery

Cupcakes = Sprinkles Cupcakes

Dance Floor, Bar, & Draping = Concepts Event Design

Chiavari Chairs (110 white – ceremony, 120 silver – reception) = Chiavari 4 Rent

Ceremony Music = Caprice Strings

Transportation (56 passenger motor coach) = Balboa Transportation

White Rolls Royce Getaway Car = Simply Elegant Vintage Vehicle Limousine

For more information about this event, to inquire about San Diego wedding and Event lighting services, or to hire us as your San Diego wedding DJ click here:   Positive Energy Productions  |  858.490.0445

Aug 272011

San Diego wedding DJ highlights from a ceremony and reception held at Park Manor Suites Hotel located near downtown. We started off the evening with the couples wedding ceremony held outside on the patio overlooking Balboa Park & the city. One unique wedding item was instead of having a guest book our couple had a wooden bench that each guest was able to write on and sign. They plan on putting this bench in the entryway of their new home.

Park Manor San Diego Wedding Ceremony Park Manor San Diego Wedding Cocktail Hour Park Manor San Diego Wedding Guestbook

After cocktail hour outside on the patio guests entered the reception and dining room. Instead of having one cake they had a small cake with other cakes and desserts all displayed together.

Park Manor San Diego Wedding Favors Park Manor San Diego Wedding Cake Park Manor San Diego Wedding Venue

The tables were all uniquely decorated which added some interest to the room. There was a common theme throughout the tables with the same colors but each table had different centerpieces and different linens. Just before dinner we were treated to an excellent sunset.

Park Manor San Diego Wedding Linens Park Manor San Diego Wedding Centerpieces Park Manor San Diego Wedding Sunset

Our couple hired me as their San Diego wedding DJ but they were also interested in having me provide some uplighting in the dining area and near the dance floor. As you can see in the photos below it really adds a lot of color and warmth to the room, as well as, the photos.

Park Manor San Diego Wedding Uplighting Park Manor San Diego Wedding Entertainment Park Manor San Diego Reception DJ

After dinner we kicked off dancing. We didn’t have too much time to work with at this point so as their San Diego wedding DJ I had to really try to fit as many songs in as I could in a short period of time. I mixed in and out of songs much faster than I normally would to really get a huge variety in there and play as many hits as possible. They definitely made the most of it! Dancing was non stop until we closed things out with our couple’s last dance.

Park Manor San Diego Wedding DJ Park Manor San Diego Wedding DJs Park Manor San Diego DJ

San Diego Wedding Lighting & Extras Provided:  12 uplights


Ceremony Bridesmaid’s Song:  Don’t Stop Believin’ – Vitamin String Quartet

Ceremony Bride’s Processional Song:  Con Te Partiro – Andrea Bocelli

Ceremony Recessional Song:  Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

Wedding Party Introductions Song:  Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce

First Dance Song:  In My Life – Beatles

Father & Daughter Dance Song:  Through The Years – Kenny Rogers



Photo Booth = San Diego Wedding Photobooth Rental

For more information about this event, to inquire about San Diego wedding and event lighting services, or to hire us as your San Diego wedding DJ click here:   Positive Energy Productions  |  858.490.0445